12 Jan - 12 Feb 2019

1a space

By the window

1a space proudly presents BY THE WINDOW, a painting exhibition showcases the artworks of 9 Hong Kong artists.

If you have ever flipped over a painting (those canvases on a wooden frame), you will find the structure of the frame is similar to a window. When you look at a painting, the first thing that you see would be the image itself. But in fact what takes place is a transposition where the viewer enters the artist's point of view and see what they see.

Yet where are the artists? They could be working in the studio, walking on the street or anywhere in the world. However, when a painting is exhibited for public viewing, the artist presence is removed and excluded from the boundaries of the painting.

Sigmund Freud once said that the artist takes pleasure in hiding and secretly observing the audience standing in front of their own painting. The eyes of the artist and the audience may never meet. They will watch the scenery alone. But at the same time they wait for the change of scenery by the window together.

In this painting exhibition, the curator and exhibiting artist Ivy Ma, cooperated with Tsang Chui Mei, Heung Kin Fung, Sim Chan, Chan Sin Hang, Lau Yin Yeung, Fong Tsz Leong, Kan Kiu Sin and Kong Chun Nga, along with their latest artworks.

Ivy also wrote a statement for the exhibition entitled "Nine clues before, during and after the curation", aiming to provide some supplementary information to the audience before their visit.

Curator: Ivy Ma
Participating Artist: Ivy Ma, Tsang Chui Mei, Heung Kin Fung, Sim Chan, Chan Sin Hang
, Lau Yin Yeung, Fong Tsz Leong, Kan Kiu Sin, Kong Chun Nga

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