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By the Window - a painting exhibition

21 Jan 2019

By Yang Yeung

By the Window: a painting exhibition @ 1a Space - an exhibition for Painting, not of paintings: the entrance invites, the next room gives light, the last shows black as the window, and round and round one may go. "'Intertwining' names the bodily felt character of ontological being." (David Michael Levin speaks of the ecstatic of intertwining in Merleau-Ponty and Heidegger in The Opening of Vision. 1988:221) Not knowing what a painting is, I find myself caught in the "ecstasy of radiant energy" coming from the infinite imagination of an inquisitive child's (eg. Tobe Kan, Kitty Kong), the generosity lent to the passing of time (despite its apathy to human affairs, eg. Sim Chan, Chan Sin Hang, Lau Yin Yeung), the tectonics of texture over texture (eg. Argus Fong, Ivy Ma)...This radiance however is not an all-at-once, seeking attention. It is rather like crystals buried in ancient fossils (eg.Tsang Chui Mei, Alex Heung), subdued, quiet, way preceding and exceeding human history, waiting to be found. So much must have been cleared to Be. (Yang Yeung)

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