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Her Stories Unveiled: Art Charity Exhibition

5 Oct - 4 Nov 2023

Touch Gallery

The Women's Foundation (TWF) in Hong Kong aims to promote the full and equal participation of women in all aspects of society. Through research, programs, education, and advocacy, TWF strives to drive social change and transform Hong Kong into a place where women have opportunities, support, and resources to thrive and achieve their true potential.

Founded in 2018 by Ceramist, Kintsugi artist, educator, and collector Mr. Enders Wong in Tai Kwun, Central, where history and art are intertwined. Touch Gallery has developed from a ceramics specialised gallery to three independent and mutually echoing contemporary art gallery spaces. Through innovative and diverse exhibitions, we bring inspiration to our audiences.

Touch Gallery collaborates with The Women's Foundation to organise an exhibition titled "Her Stories Unveiled: Art Charity Exhibition". Through this collaboration, we aim to bring together the Hong Kong art and charity sectors, raising awareness among Hong Kong citizens about women's welfare initiatives. For this exhibition, Touch Gallery has invited various local artists, including Abby Lee Yan Yee, Annie Wan Lai Kuen, Aries Wu Chun Yin, Eunice Cheung Wai Man, Kitty Kong Chun Nga, Lewis Lau Yin To, Liu Cheng Mui, Lynn Hsieh Ling Ling, Mak Ka Yan, Miki Lam Ka Yee, Phillip Hui Kim Ho, and Tsang Chui Mei to participate in the charitable exhibition and auction. The exhibition primarily showcases the works of three female artists. Marian Ang uses her brush to capture the working spaces and living conditions of women artists, constructing a "Room of One's Own" that reflects the contemporary era. Kwan Yung Yee and Jessie Siu, each employing different artistic techniques, invite viewers into spaces filled with spiritual inspiration and inner tranquillity, seeking a transcendent spiritual experience beyond the material world. At Touch Gallery, the three distinct exhibition spaces serve as rich windows into contemporary female life and the inner world, fostering sharing and exchange with the audience. Additionally, we express deep gratitude to the participating artists who have joined us in the charitable auction organised in collaboration with TWF. After deducting costs, all proceeds from this auction will be donated in full to TWF, supporting the development of local women's charitable initiatives.

We sincerely invite everyone to visit Touch Gallery and explore the meticulously curated exhibition "Her Stories Unveiled: Art Charity Exhibition". We also welcome you to participate in the charity auction taking place on October 6th, where you can collect your beloved artworks and support both the Hong Kong art scene and women's charitable initiatives. Your participation will make a meaningful contribution to the women's charitable causes in Hong Kong.

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