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No-body Discourse

25 - 27 Nov 2016

Art Experience Gallery

"No-body Discourse” is the first pilot art project of the new contemporary art group “Nagist”. Sixteen contemporary local artists put forward their innovative ideas by exhibiting artworks of painting, wood engraving, ceramics and photography. Their works explore a wide spectrum of contemporary hot issues in the social, cultural and philosophical realm.

"Nagist" was formed in 2016 by a group of enthusiastic artists who name themselves Nobody / NAG (Nobody Art Group). Their members, having a diverse background and art style, believe that contemporary art should abandon the mere pursuit of style and doctrine (-ism). Instead, starting from the diversified thoughts of cultural studies which dominate the post-modern advocates, they focus on ever-changing identities, and break contradicts and differences such as global / local, class / class-less, seniors / youngsters, academic / non-academic, recognized /not awarded. “Nagist” practices are experimental-led with high level of dialectical discourse. It aims to cultivate a fresh new genre that stands out from the existing art scene.

The manifesto of the "Nagist", as analogized in the term ‘Duration’ by French philosopher Henri Bergson (1859-1941), is that the pursuit of art and its philosophies can never be fragmentized in form or time. Be it continuous and never-ending stretches as the stream of historical and spiritual time.

Clement Chan
Nagist Chairman

Nagist Artist:
Clement Chan
Ivy Ip
Intuon Chau
Mang Chung Fung
Ka Fai Fung
Phillip Hui
Kitty Kong
Darky Lee
Katherine Ng
Catherine Siu
Wing Hon So
Yoyo Tang
Pat Unique
Iris Wong
Vicki Wong
Chi Leung Yiu

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