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Parallel Space

25 Aug - 12 Oct 2016

6/F Youth Square

Hong Kong Art School and Youth Square co-present: Artwork Display Scheme “The Art Journey” Exhibition from August to October - Parallel Space.

"In The Parallel Space, I am focusing on the representation of an array of incidents and memories that influenced me throughout my life. As Bachelard wrote in The Poetics of Space, ‘the diversity of the images is unified in the depths of “inner space”, I aim to illustrate my ‘inner space’ into a tangible yet invisible vacuum, which depicts the juxtaposition between physical and psychological space exist within us.

Composition and the use of colour are fundamental in my work. Through the placement of different subjects, or objects, they interact with each other and possess the idea of narrative disclosure, which reveals my memories, emotions and desires in a poetic manner. While the compositions are deliberately arranged, they are actually realistic depictions of our daily lives in the urban city – mundane, artificial, alienated – my paintings are always a mirror of our everyday experience, sometimes personal but universal."

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