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The Collectible Art Fair

22 Oct - 16 Nov 2023

Hong Kong Arts Centre

Venue: Jockey Club Atrium & Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre
Date: 2023.10.22 - 2023.11.16
Time: 10:00-20:00
Price: Free admission

Co-presented by the Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC) and the Hong Kong Art School (HKAS), and organised by the Hong Kong Art School Alumni Network Committee (ANC), "The Collectible Art Fair" will be held from October 22 to November 16, 2023, at the Pao Galleries and the Jockey Club Atrium of HKAC. The conception of The Collectible Art Fair started with the vision of training a new generation of art talent and enhancing public awareness of the art of local artists. After deducting the necessary expenses, all proceeds from the event will be donated to the HKAS to support its development and ongoing commitment to nurturing aspiring students who are passionate about art. Over 200 HKAS alumni and artists will participate in the art fair, showcasing over 300 artworks in diverse media, including painting, ceramics, installation, photography and video, allowing the public to appreciate a variety of unique art creations.

Support HKAS's Development and Ongoing Commitment to Nurturing Emerging Art Talents
HKAC and its division HKAS have been dedicated to nurturing local artists by offering programmes which attach importance to studio practice and providing a high-quality learning environment. Also, the two institutions have served as a bridge between artists and the industry, bringing talent and creativity into the art scene to foster its development. Over the past 23 years, HKAS has been the training ground of countless talented artists. Many alumni continue to contribute to the creative and art-related fields after graduation, and some appear on the international art stage and showed their outstanding artworks in art museums, art fairs and commercial galleries around the world, gaining high recognition among art enthusiasts and collectors.

In May this year, ANC conducted an open call for The Collectible Art Fair and received overwhelming responses from a lot of alumni both local and abroad. ANC also invited artists who have working relationship with HKAC and HKAS to participate in the event, further enriching the diversity of artworks showcased in the fair.

Through this event, the audience will have the chance to appreciate an array of remarkable artworks created by artists from different backgrounds and collect their favourite artworks. After deducting the necessary expenses, all proceeds from the art fair will be donated to HKAS as development funds for training young artists, which is highly significant for the local art scene.

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