Excerpt from "Just Another Day" (2020)

Strangers scattered and voices from the MTR Roadshow knocked around the hollow train.

“Andy Lau is going to have a concert soon.” (That old man could still sing?)

“Britney Spears is having her first art show.” (Those works must look crap, but she’s famous, so.)

“There is a flu breaking out in America.” (None of my business.)

“There will be a war breaking out in the Middle East soon.” (At least, it’s not in Asia.)

Daisy kept listening to the news as the train moved along. Currencies of the world blinked their eyes at the commuters from above. Everyone remained static and looked blank as gifs with their fingers tickling their gadgets. Then a baby started crying (babies always love crying in public transport). A man sitting nearby was reading the horse racing newspaper with a toothpick hanging on the cliff of his lips. He turned up the volume of his radio. His eyes were scrutinizing the tiny numbers one by one as if they were the encrypted codes on a treasure map.

A young woman standing opposite Daisy was taking a selfie near the window. She angled her face to 70 degrees for a perfect shot. The train passed through an alignment of fences. Lines of shadows slashed onto her face. She pursed her lips. The shadows were something she could not edit on the beauty face camera app. She had to wait. Wait – the light is perfect now. Her dark circles were all gone and she scanned herself onto the flat white screen. The screen was bigger than her palm. Snap! It’s all perfect. Now she just needed some more editing and skimming of cheekbones…(3791 words)

 © 2020 Kong Chun Nga, Kitty