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"The Chief Executive clarifies that she is innoce..."

Maybe a little more shades under the tree?

*Beep Beep Beep*

Or a winding road that leads to somewhere very very blue?

*Escalators grind*

Another orange man maybe? He is waving at me, what is he saying?




她說,畫畫的過程往往很漫長,而且需要一種「天時地利人和」才能順利完成畫作,而版畫能快速呈現自己的忽發奇想,於她較得心應手。看著她製作版畫,會有一種很興奮的感覺,因為未知,因為速度,因為一氣呵成。但,相比畫畫的自己,的確,我真是個好慢,好慢的人呢...(現在摸摸茶杯底,吹一口煙,打算再小睡一會 ...)


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