What lasts in this world when nothing lasts at all?

What lasts in this world when nothing lasts at all?

Does that mean we can ignore the mundane parts of life and feed on passion instead?

Artists shouldn't cling to the myth that they will spend their whole lives in the studio, working on their art.

No, art did not exist before humanity. To be creative, one has to be alive, in grace.


Afterwords (19 Mar)

Looking back at these words I wrote days ago

I realised that I had become a propagandist and the mundanity of life had slaughtered my soul.

I had become Sisyphus.

I relish the mundanity of life.

Damn. I could ve written something better, way better.

What was wrong wasn't the idea, but the way I was exposing my own sense of insecurity through the bold statement of words.

Shame on me. It was nothing more than words that a coward would say when surrendering.

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