Why Literature? (2019 before I venture into the world of text)

Certainly there are differences between text, painting and photography, but they all share the mutual existence as devices of communication, which are also, enigmatic in nature that defies direct communication. I am profoundly fascinated by the paradoxical binaries in them, which enable us to reveal oxymorons and discourses in real life through our reflection, creation and response to specific works. Indeed, the unique ways to apprehend certain art medium's characteristics would mark a fallacy of generalization in my assumption, nevertheless as an art enthusiast and a curious human being, I do not wish to weigh their values against each other as they are of equally importance in the process of attaining self-knowledge and self-expression. Hence, there has been text written in form of paintings, paintings in form of text and so on - this innumerable dialectic relationship between them is also another excitement that captures my heart.

Finally, I regard literature as my life-long sanctuary - where I can obscure myself or fragments of myself from the limelight while leaving a secret pathway that keeps me connected to the outer world (in the otaku-style). Reading and writing are stuffs that I feel satisfied doing again and again in life, simple as that.

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