Excerpt from "Work hard, Play hard" (2019)

Adeline Chan, a clerk, spent a night slaying dragons. Coming out of her flat, as usual, she felt the air and sounds of the city morning exploded before her, dense and nerve-racking, and it was as if she were walking in the setting of Resident Evil where everyone looked like programmed zombies.

It must be clarified that apart from being a devoted gamer, Adeline Chan was also a devoted clerk who showed passion to the methodical ways of processing things. She was eager to complete her assignments even they all looked like clones of each other. She would fill in the blanks accurately with her fluttering fingers, like how she aced her moves on a video game console. She would race with the clock whenever she was on a task and made sure her rhythm would not delay her lunch breaks and the company’s schedules. On days when time was in abundance, she would keep herself occupied by organizing her files in the drawer, again and again, until the working hour was officially over. She was well aware of work ethics and her image as a responsible clerk...(2198 words)

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