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Village Utopia

Artist Residency in Spain (Barcelona) & Finland (Lapua), 2017

Excerpt of Village Utopia, Species of Spaces and Other Pieces - Georges Perec 1997

"You'd know whether it was going to rain by looking at the shape of the clouds above the hill, you'd know the places where there are still crayfish, you'd remember the time when the garageman shod horses...

You'd go with the children to pick blackberries along the sunken lanes; you'd go with them to the mushrooms; you'd send them off to hunt for snails.
You'd watch out for the 7 o'clock bus to come past. You'd like to go and sit on the village bench, underneath the hundred-year-old elm tree, opposite the church.
You'd go through the fields in ankle boots carrying a stick with a ferrule which you'd use to decapitate the long grasses.
You'd play cards with the gamekeeper.
You'd go and fetch your wood from the communal woodlands.
You'd able to recognize birds by their song.
You'd know each one of the trees in your orchard.
You'd wait for the seasons to come round."

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