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A Place in Time, Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery, Fringe Club, 2020, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Spotlight by Art Basel 2020, 1a space, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Excerpt of "Just Another Day" - a short story about an adventure of a woman in the city. (2020)

She decided to take a shower. Looking into the mirror, her makeup shed like a snake’s skin - creased and brittle. She gently peeled off her fake lashes; she swore they didn’t look like smashed insect legs this morning. Her body stank. It was not a pungent smell but a perfumed cloud of conversations from the people in that party. It was sticking onto her body like a garment. A stream of warmth flowed through her body like a waterfall, defrosting her rigid body layer by layer. She was no longer a gallerist, no longer someone’s daughter or sister - she was back to herself now. Her mind went empty and her naked body stood still, like a monumental statue erected on an ancient fountain...

Excerpt of "Waiting I" - a short story that took place during Happy Hour in a bar. (2020)

He met her at the appointed time, in one of Kennedy Town’s quiet bars, where the background music would have a perfect volume covering up each table’s conversations. They took their seats in a nice and cozy corner. He thought she looked even more attractive than when he’d last seen her in his place. Over several sips of wine, they discussed old times – the book fair they went in Central, the movies they watched in the midnight cinema. Then he got to the point.

“Are you still dating him?”


“Why not?” she replied.

“Why not,” he repeated and lighted up a cigarette. She looked at him through the cloud of smoke hovering above his head. She had no idea when he started smoking.

“I didn’t know you smoke before.”

“Why not?”

“You know I hate people smoke.”

“Well, Camus smokes too.”

“It’s bad for your lungs.”

“He didn’t die of lung cancer. He got killed in a car.”

“I'm not dating with Camus.”


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