4am Sunday Morning. Writing under the artificial sunlight. (2020)

· "You’d add ‘machine’ to whatever it makes."

"So are you are shit machine?"

· A philosopher who is also corrupted in his own thoughts.

· I fell asleep in the cinema after a long day of work – I was immune to explosions.

· I thought it was easy to forget about numbers and places as a human, but no, we could easily tell when we experience repetition in life – he was repeating.

· They are waiting for their turn to meet the doctor, who’d certify their existence in this room.

· What was Mozart trying to say? Was he occupied with hatred? Arrogance? Or nothing? Was he simply listening like us?

· The concealed darkness is even darker than the darkness itself.

· The lights you see with your eyes will never guide your heart.

· Aesthetics does not reflect the truth. The truth does not require aesthetics.

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