Excerpt from "An Ordinary Landscape" (2017)

"Fitzgerald once wrote in The Great Gatsby, "In the city, there are only the pursued, pursuing, the busy and the tired."  - that is what I call the 'metamorphosis' of the people in this city. And in this sense, I suddenly see the stagnation of the sculpture as a disruption and silent protest against the city. Beyond his rigid eyes made of iron and fiberglass, I see a naked existence - a man who does not suffer from working, speaking, listening and moving. He is in the world that we are living in, yet separated by pieces of glass, concrete and metal. He declares his position on top of everything, like a foreigner colonizing the land under his feet. His standing posture represents nothing but everything - the people who are waiting for buses and metros; the salesperson who has been standing for the whole day in accumulation of her back pain; the person who is waiting for his food in disposable lunch boxes; and me, I see myself standing as well, naked in front of a glass mirror. What am I? Where am I standing in this city?"

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